Joe Ducie is the greatest writer since Hemingway. Did I say writer? I meant drinker.
— Kate Stone, cynic.

young adult

"Reading The Rig is like putting together a puzzle - you know how it's going to end, but you don't know how it's going to get there. From a seemingly impossible situation, to one that slowly and surely unravels as opportunities arise, The Rig presented a perfectly paced story about imprisonment and escape."

"I admit... I loved Rig Ball so I wanted to see it continue off the Rig! Having said that, Drake and Irene against the power of the system (no spoilers here) are a force to be reckoned with... and a worthy reason to make your way further into the shadowy world of the Alliance and Crystal-X. Bring on Book 3! BRING IT!" 


"If you're asking yourself whether or not to buy this book, the answer is yes. Joe has clearly stepped up his game and sharpened his words down to a fine point, leading to a startling ending that will leave you waiting in agony for book 2."

"If you liked the first in the series then I can see no reason that you won't like Broken Quill. If you felt that Distant Star passed by way too quickly, then you can join the club. Rest assured though that Broken Quill is longer, and just as awesome."

"So continues the grand adventure of Declan Hale by an author who's straight into my 'automatic buy' list... it's like riding a roller coaster for the first time, you don't know what to expect but dammit, it's going to move you."

THE ANTHOLOGIES (edited by joe!)

"The stories all have an antihero element in them, and it doesn't pound you over the head. From veteran teenagers to stubborn rednecks. I could read ten pages or a hundred, and it would capture my attention completely."

"A collection of the finest fantasy stories in the realm. Dragons, demons, climbs to heaven and beyond - this anthology has it all. The group of authors are drenched in talent and the editor is a far too handsome."

"A truly excellent collection of stories. I would happily recommend any one of them individually, but in a single volume... these wonderfully written characters will delight your inner anti-hero and leave you wanting for more." 

"If you are looking for straightforward 'Romeo and Juliet" tragedies or love stories, then look somewhere else. This collection is an anthology of loss, longing... and zombies. You heard right - and it's all the better for it."