Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has been some time since I updated the old blog, but here I am back in the saddle - and I've brought a whole new web page with me! Jumped from .net to .com, and we're looking a whole lot prettier. This is due in large part, about a 142%, to the fiercely clever and talented Kate Stone. You're too good to me, Kate.

Yes, yes. New year, new site, and a whole lot of new books on their merry little way. I was at the local pool hall down here in Joondalup (where Declan keeps his bookshop!), when I received news of the site's launch. This moment was captured and is now immortalised forever right here:


Note: That may be the only picture of me smiling in existence. I was quite chuffed.

So all good things for 2015. 

In book news...


Yes - the next Will Drake book and the follow-up to my award winning novel, THE RIG, has been finalised and is off to the printers. Coming soon to bookshops across the United Kingdom and Australia. April 2nd - that soon! It's going to be a good one. Perhaps my most action packed book to date. We've got explosions and pizza and zombie dinosaurs and swivel chairs, as well as a whole lot more! Keep an eye out for that one, or give it a cheeky pre-order right here!

See the awesome cover below.

And that's all for now, folks.

Blog again soon.

-Joe Ducks

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