Good morning, all,

I'm writing this from a small island called Rottnest off the coast of Western Australia, home of the cuddly and cute quokka:

Cute and cuddly.

Cute and cuddly.

As part of Worldbuilders last year, I offered the chance to have your manuscript read and critiqued by me, and the auction was happily successful - earning $470 for the charity and a happy writer getting a comprehensive critique and edit of their story.

Given just how successful it was, I'm offering the opportunity again to any and all struggling writers out there with a manuscript in need of some love. This is for a good cause, and is something I would have killed for when I was just starting out in the writing game ten years ago.

Here's the sales pitch:

Award-winning author Joe Ducie will critique up to 100,000 words of any manuscript, with an eye toward YA, Urban Fantasy, or Spy/Thriller. If you've read his The Rig or Reminiscent Exile series, you know what you're getting into. He's got a knack for writing books that read like an action scene. If you're writing a thriller or other lean, fast-paced fantasy, Joe's opinion will help quite a bit!

Here's what you can expect from a critique:

  • Joe will read your entire manuscript, making notes and comments along the way.
  • A comprehensive report looking at pacing and momentum, dialogue, strong writing, and story aspects.
  • Joe will look for initial pronoun usage, showing v. telling, repetition, adverb usage, repetition.
  • A two-page summary of Joe's thoughts on the story as a whole, as well as his thoughts on the technical aspects of the work.
  • If Joe enjoys your work, he'll sing your praises from the social media rooftops.

So we'll see how this goes - I'm offering up to ten critiques (as seen on the eBay listing, with auction and/or Buy Now options) and a turnaround time of 30 days from when you submit your manuscript.

If this is something that interests you, follow the link to eBay and put in a bid. I'd love to work with you soon!



And in other news, because a blog post after a year wouldn't be fair to my readers without some book news... LOST GRACE, RE#4, is in final edits with my editor, so once those are done that's it, no more delays, the book will hit shelves. I've submitted two other proposals to my agent this year, one a Spy/Thriller novel, the other YA Fantasy set in the same world and universe as the Reminiscent Exile. Books a'plenty, this year.