Okay, time for some updates on the old writin' front. I know it's been awhile since I've been on my awesome and often release schedule (real life gets in the way, and I've been lazy) but I'm on track to release some quality words this year.

So, here's the 2015 state of affairs:


Will Drake #2

Good news on this one - it hit all good bookshops on April 2nd, 2015. Go seek and you shall find! This is the sequel to THE RIG, and raises the stakes somewhat severely.

Status: Available


DLP Anthology #4

Some more good news - this anthology has hit the e-shelves for Kindle! And should be available as paperback very soon. 

Ten tales of high fantasy - from ten rather unique voices.

Status: Available (Kindle)



Reminiscent Exile #4

Now then. Now then now. This one has been promised and I've failed to deliver for 18 months now! Good news is, the last few wrinkles are being ironed out and it should be available soon. Better news, groundwork has already been laid for RE#5.

Status: Soon, baby, soon... 



Reminiscent Exile #5

See? Groundwork. Declan in a bar - really pushing the envelope on this one. ;-)

Status: Will be out for Christmas!




Okay, and there we go - that's the current state of affairs on the writing front. Alongside this, I'm also working on the following projects that should be completed this year!

  • HAVEN (Will Drake #3) - due to the publisher very soon, with a release date scheduled for April 2015.
  • Reminiscent Exile #6 and #7 - just a glimmer of these, but starting to plan/plot and the covers are on order. Will be written this year for release early 2016!
  • GHOSTHUSTLERS - a rather rude, crude, and ultimately cool dude named Billy St. Claire. He can see ghosts and uses them to con folk. Twist, he's going to have to save the world from ghosts.
  • UNTITLED PROJECT #4 - a story surrounding a modern day gladiator arena, where the stakes are high and the corporate endorsements flow like the mighty Danube!

Okay, hope that update was of some use to y'all - I'll be more on the blogging front into the foreseeable future so I'll post updates/news as I have it!